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Italtex Trends - Italian expertise in fabric and colour fashion trends.

Womenswear Blended Fabrics AW24/25


The virtual trend book Womenswear Blended Fabrics focuses on the trendiest fibre combinations for women's wear in the upcoming Fall/Winter 2024/25 season. It is the result of a selection of 80 new fabrics that, thanks to the materials contained and the yarns they are woven with, have specific characteristics making them particularly suitable for AW 24/25.

Beside each fabric's high-quality picture, you'll find the percentage of the materials used to produce it.

Since every fabric's draping depends on the fiber characteristics and the flexibility, looseness, and softness of the materials chosen, compositions become determinant.

To actually touch and analyze the fabrics photographed in the virtual book, select the Ebook + Swatches version, where a swatch of each fabric will be put in an envelope and sent directly to your office.

Format: PDF file
Language: English
Pages: 27