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Italtex Trends - specialisti nelle tendenze tessuti e colori

Undyed Wool for Trending Women's Wear Fall/Winter 2025/2026

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Leno weave, tiny effects and classic checks in the natural shades of undyed virgin wool, from the Italtex color and fabric trend book Womenswear Fall/Winter 25/26.

Menswear Colour and Fabric Trends Fall/Winter 2024/25

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Colours and fabrics for Menswear Fall/Winter 2024/25 contains the bases for planning your new collection: colour trends, complete fabric trend for women's wear fabrics - woven, knitted, jacquard - pictures on fabric usage suggestions and description of key elements of each theme.

Menswear Colour and Fabric Trends Spring/Summer 2024

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Italtex Menswear Spring/Summer 2024 provides complete information on all the main elements of the season: from fibres to woven and knitted fabrics, colours, patterns, finishes, pictures suggesting their use and mood pictures. For casual as well as classic men's fabrics for jackets, trousers, knits and shirts.

ItaltexTrends at Intex India

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Italtex trends seminar at Intex India 8-10th December 2022