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Knitwear for Women AW 2024/25 Ebook


Explore the newest styles in women's knitwear through our Material and Color Forecast eBook.
This all-inclusive digital guide offers a thorough analysis of the season's in-demand circular, flat, and warp knits, as well as jerseys and jacquards.
The 73-page eBook features high-resolution images of fashionable fabrics, complemented by details on their eco-friendly and practical attributes, finishes, and textures. It equips you with essential knowledge for making educated choices while designing your collection.
The eBook also contains Pantone® reference numbers for the season's top colours, ensuring your designs align with the current colour trends. Featuring mood images and suggested end uses for the fabrics, this eBook is a vital tool for fashion designers aiming to excel in women's knitwear.
Whether you're searching for solids or jacquards, functional, bonded, textured, padded, or double-face materials, our eBook supplies everything required to produce eye-catching, fashionable designs for your collection.

EBOOK + LOOSE SWATCHES: choose this eco-conscious method of obtaining our books, reducing the environmental footprint by minimizing adhesive and paper usage while also lowering transportation fuel consumption.