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Womenswear Colour and Fabric Trends Autumn/Winter 2024/2025

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Womenswear Colour and Fabric Trends Autumn/Winter 2024/2025

Italtex Womenswear Fall/Winter 2024/2025  is the color and fabric forecast trend providing complete information on the focal elements of the season: from fibers to woven and knitted fabrics, colors, patterns, finishes, pictures suggesting their use and mood pictures.

LILAC & PURPLE a sophisticated lilac dyes a wool jacquard paired with a quilted-ground abstract print.

An aggressive beige and purple spotted motif on three-layer scuba fabric with deep-purple flocked reverse is combined with bio-based stretch polyamide ribbed jersey or a purple textured knit whose polyamide comes from the rubber of used tyres - which belong to the new super technical sustainable materials.

Purple variations are also in traditional-structure piece-dyed suitings and monochromatic tweeds with fancy yarns.


Winter blue matches grey in jacquard wool coats with unusual graphic motifs. Blue are the brushstrokes on the 3D-printed flowers of a knit felt.

Blue matches cream and red in the macro-weave sporty tweed paired with memory-effect metallic weft denim. In knits, sophisticated blue colours shiny chenille horizontal band patterns alternating with transparencies, and the hot print engraving effects on a velvety blue.


Rich and fascinating black in the wool embroideries on tulle net and in the lace effect see-through effects reminiscent of bustier fabrics.

Aggressive black in the shiny coating on a jacquard jersey with small diamond shapes, dramatic with embossing games on light polyester jacquard and technical on shiny nylon parachute cloth softened by gauzy embroidery.

The white spotted print on burnt-out fabric creates transparent bands alternating with compact satin.

Very light wool/nylon jersey draws opaque, tattoo effect patterns on transparencies.




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