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Menswear Colour and Fabric Trends Spring/Summer 2023

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Menswear Colour and Fabric Trends Spring/Summer 2023

We are leaving a time of contrasts, where our soul is constantly torn between two different aspects of reality, and the image of us we wish to show to others plays between truth and fiction, thanks to avatars and augmented reality. Clothes express our personality, and fabrics tell this game of contrasts.

Positive or Negative

The theme of opposites moves around stark navy blue/ivory and black/ivory contrasts. It finds expression in corroded checks in polyester/nylon mixtures on double-face jacquard damask, clean edge discharge printing on young-taste cotton shirts and floral prints on fluid viscose t-shirts, refined cotton/polyester shirts.

New Formal

The new formal blurred patterns feature cool-wool jackets woven on a jacquard loom. Washed out stripes on cotton/linen are the patterns of the new suits and sports trousers. Fake plain polo shirts in jaspé cotton with subtle neps and jacquard effects in linen mixtures create delicate light plays for jackets and sweaters.

Delicate Textures

Textures of different kinds include seersucker imitation structures in different tensions with wool and cotton mixtures, new honeycomb with ivory marked outlines of the cells creating patterns and textures in knits. Slub yarns emphasize the irregularities of recycled cotton in horizontal stripe knits.

Acid Greens

A touch of acid green decorates a classic stretch wool glen check paired with pigment coated functional micro rip-stop fabrics. Flashes of energetic colours illuminate seersucker shirts. Vivid colours tint pure nylon and wool mixture sports knits with texture effects creating patterns and classic rugby stripes. The new young taste jackets are now jacquard but in a neon colour.

Techno Look for Urban Warriors

Functional fabrics in different interpretations range from woven to knit fabrics: 3D knits in synthetic fibres, neon colour bonded fabrics, macro nets and unusual honeycombs, abstract prints and ripstop intertwinings.

The whole trend is available at the Italtex Menswear Colour and Fabric Trends Spring/Summer 2023.

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