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Italtex Trends - Italian expertise in fabric and colour fashion trends.

Virtual Men's Trend Service Spring/Summer 2024

Thanks to the good response to Virtual Men's Trend Service AW 23/24 and the constructive suggestions received to improve it, we are proud to present Virtual Men's Trend Service Spring/Summer 2024.

Its purpose is to keep and enhance the high level of creativity of our Men’s wear line, and it is the product of fabrics created on a CAD system by skilled Italian design innovators.

This service allows us to be more timely in presenting last-minute ideas and satisfy the need to work in an integrated system, thus allowing designers to work both virtually and physically.

The collection includes:

  • Creative designs for jackets, trousers and suits, with colour variations presented in 24 mood boards.
  • Each fabric is completed with full technical data, including yarn colours, ends, picks, density, weave, drawing-in, shafts, etc.
  • Virtual dressing on jacket, trousers or suit.
  • Creative designs made by high-profile Italian designers.

We also offer the study of exclusive designs according to the customer’s needs.